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GliderThrow v3 



GliderThrow v3

GliderThrow is a digital Angle/Throw meter and ... Differentials!

This small device can measure the deflections in degrees / millimeters with a resolution of 0.1 degrees and can measure the differential when working together with a second unit since GliderThrow is a system that comprises two sensors, one for each wing or surface of your airplane.

Using a dual system very much simplifies the throw setting of your model by having a direct view of both control surfaces at the same time.

GliderThrow has been initially conceived for setting the aileron and flap throws of a model glider but you will find that it can be used on most every airplane and for a variety of applications as Measuring a dihedral angle of a wing, Measuring Model Airplane Incidence angle , etc.

The data can be viewed through any web browser on a smartphone, Android or iOS, PC or MAC.

GliderThrow Throw Meter

GliderThrow does not need any app to work. When turning on both units, search with your smartphone or PC for WiFi Ap called "GliderThrow" and connect. Once connected, you will access the GliderThrow site trough your web browser.

The device is held in place by a powerful neodymium magnetic peg combined with a non-slip surface.

GliderThrow Throw Meter

This new version incorporates rechargeable and replaceable Li-Ion coin batteries as well as charging through the most convenient USB-C port. In this way we free the device from the useful life of the battery, in addition to being able to remove it when we are going to be without using the device for a long time.

Navigating through the menus, you can easily visualize the surfaces travel, both degrees and millimeters, as well as configure the surface chord.

GliderThrow home
GliderThrow Throw View
GliderThrow Throw Configuration
GliderThrow Menu
GliderThrow Antysymmetric

GliderThrow Quad / Multi

Introducing our new GliderThrow Quad/Multi. A new sensors from 3 and 4 and up to 8! of our digital Angle/Throw meter and differentials that, as well as working by themselves alone, work together with the current units 1 and 2 for those users who want to measure the throw of up to 8 control surfaces at the same time and their differentials. Available as a special order.

GliderThrow V3 Quad_edited.jpg
GliderThrow Multi
GliderThrow Multi
GliderThrow Multi Menu

GliderThrow v3 can help you in a variety of applications as measuring a dihedral angle of a wing, measuring model airplane incidence angle , etc.

GliderThrow Incidence Tool
GliderThrow F3K DLG

Even the smallest F3K models can take advantage of using GliderThrow to measure the correct throws.

2019-03-12 17.45.56.jpg


 - Single Device dimensions Height x Width x Depth: 17x37x37mm.

 - Single unit Weight: 22g
- Single unit Weight with Magnetic Peg: 28g

 - Resolution: 0,1 degrees. 0,1 millimeters

 - Precision: Better than 0,3 degrees

 - Power: 150mAh Replaceable and Rechargable Lithium Battery (Approx. 2 hours of continous operation)

 - Charging : USB-C Cable 
- Charging Time: About 1 Hour

Download the manual here.

GliderThrow Gallerie here

How to operate GliderThrow video below


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